Alaska Energy Ratings Program

Our residential energy rating assesses the various components of your home from the perspective of energy efficiency.  More specifically, we evaluate your home’s insulation levels, air tightness, space and water heating systems, windows and doors, and ventilation system to determine an energy rating score.

This score is specified as a “star” rating.  In Alaska, a Five Star rating is the minimum to meet the Building Energy Efficiency Standard (BEES) and is often required for the financing of your home.

Currently, the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation’s (AHFC) Home Energy Rebate Program has been suspended.  Only those who had applied prior to March 25, 2016 are eligible for a rebate.  However, depending on State finances, this program could possibly be reinstated at a future date.  Nonetheless, you are currently required to make a Five Star rating to qualify for most financing.

Prior rebate program eligibility requirements:

  • You own a home in Alaska and live in it year round.
  • Your home does not have previous improvements done through the AHFC Home Energy Rebate program, New Home Rebate or Weatherization Program.
  • You have not received an AHFC Home Energy Rebate on a previous home in the last two years.
  • Please note that there are NO income requirements.
  • Condo owners are also eligible but should review the condo fact sheet

For more information, call AHFC at: 877-257-3228.