Existing Home Inspection Services

Existing Home Inspection Services

Serving Wasilla, Palmer, and surrounding areas.


Buyer’s Home Inspection

A buyer’s home inspection is normally conducted after an offer has been made on the home you wish to buy.  The offer is often conditioned upon the correction of health and safety issues, structural concerns, and/or repair items identified by the inspector.  Our inspections follow the American Home Inspectors Association Standards of Practice. Our inspections include a written home inspection report of the apparent conditions of the readily accessible installed systems and components of the property existing at the time of the inspection. The home inspection report will include an evaluation of the: Grounds, Structure, Roofing, Exterior, Electrical system, Heating System, Insulation and Ventilation, Plumbing, Interior, and the Appliances.  The final report including pictures will normally be 15 to 20 pages in length and is usually transmitted to you and/or your Realtor via e-mail in a .PDF format.  Hard copies can be made available for a nominal printing fee.

Pre-Sale or Pre-Listing Home Inspection

This is a walk-through inspection covering the same issues as a buyer’s home inspection.  The difference is that the home inspector provides verbal comments and the client takes notes.  The cost is usually one half of the written buyer’s inspection.  The purpose of the pre-listing home inspection is to allow the seller to correct any issues that might be identified during the buyer’s home inspection before the sale process begins.  This eliminates many surprises that may arise and slow or otherwise complicate a sale.

home inspection report

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For further information about the American Home Inspectors Association Standards of Practice, visit their web site at www.ashi.org.